Somewhere between babies #1 and #2, working as an Organizational Change consultant for multinational corporations across the US and Europe, and helping my partner through medical residency, I realized something was missing...

More time to sleep and exercise?  Yes.

More opportunities to eat healthy food?  Sure.

More time to focus on my kids' miraculous development?  Of course!

But the truth is, I didn't actually want any thing more.


What I really wanted was the confidence that I could handle it all.  I wanted the energy to optimize each day for myself and my loved ones.  But mostly, I wanted the mental and emotional capacity to remember who I was and who I still wanted to become. 

Let's face it, few managers check in with you about your values, your emotions, your aspirations and inner struggles.  And even the most dedicated partners are sometimes afraid to do so.

So in 2016 I enrolled with the renowned Co-Active Training Institute, and in 2017 I founded Mountain Valley Co. (MVCO).

Everyone is a work-in-progress -- myself included! -- so I am here to support your journey across the peaks and valleys. 

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