Coaching is a different kind of conversation

Coaching conversations are simple in structure, yet rich in exploration.  Each one is uniquely co-created to help you align your inner and outer life.  As such, I will invite you to quiet your thoughts, reflect and tap into your creativity.  It is my job to hold space for you as a WHOLE person, while withholding all judgement. 

The coach : client relationship is inherently intimate, so every single coaching conversation is confidential.

Working with a coach is a choice


It means you're willing to invest a fraction of your precious time and energy to being supported by a professional partner who is dedicated to your evolution as a WHOLE person:  your values, your emotions, your dreams, your inner struggles, your resilience, etc.

Working with a coach requires commitment + focus


Being supported by a coach means you have 'sacred' time each month to focus on you (not your job, not your boss, not your kids, or your past achievements).  It means re-learning how to be present, how to breathe and cultivate self-awareness, to take your dreams seriously, to play with new perspectives, to experiment with new habits and celebrate small 'wins.'  It also means confronting the voices inside your head that are defending the status quo or hunting for scapegoats to your success.

I call this whole effort 'conscious adaptation.'  This is not something the human brain does willingly, and to make matters worse, our inner and outer worlds are not always 'on board' with our personal transformations either.  So commitment and focus are critical.


Coaching is about people, not problems


Modern life has already foisted a lot onto our plates.  We spend so much time fixing problems or creating processes to avoid future problems, that we see everything as a problem.

And the 'problem' lens becomes especially problematic when we start trying to 'fix' ourselves.


What we, humans, want (and deserve!) is collaborative, co-active connection.  Mountain Valley Co's unique approach to coaching leverages insights from corporate consulting, organizational and positive psychology research, and Co-Active coaching practices which hold the client and coach "in action, together."  Each coaching collaboration is co-created to help you step out of a 'stuck' or reactive state, and start to move forward creatively.


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