The moment you start to move,

the mountain startS to move.

- Olafur Eliasson


Whether you've found yourself in the proverbial valley or are aiming for the next peak, it is normal for ambitious multi-taskers, like you, to feel stuck from time to time.  After all, our past experiences and education have told us that we should be able to think our way through every problem. 


Just give a little more.

Just work a little harder.

Just sleep a little less.

Just read another book.

Just talk to a few more "experts."

Action is part of transformation - yes - but so too is a soft focus on YOU.  (Not your boss, not your partner, not your kids.) 

At Mountain Valley Co. we work with people, not problems. 


Each collaboration is co-created to help you move out of a 'stuck' or reactive state and start to move forward creatively. We leverage insights from corporate consulting, organizational and postive psychology research, and life coaching practices, to guide you through conscious adaption that will serve YOU through your whole, messy, modern life.


Before we forge ahead, let's align on a few key points...

Working with a coach is a choice. 

It means you're willing to invest a fraction of your precious time and energy to being supported by a professional partner who is dedicated to your evolution as a WHOLE person:  your values, your emotions, your dreams, your inner struggles, your resilience, etc.

Being supported by a coach means you have 'sacred' time each month to breath and build self-awareness, to take your dreams seriously, to play with new perspectives, try new habits and celebrate small 'wins.' It also means confronting the voices inside your head that are defending the status quo or hunting for scapegoats to your "success." 

The hard truth is that these are not things the human brain does willingly. And to make matters worse, our inner and outer environments are not always 'on board' with personal transformation either. 

The good news is, you are creative, resourcesful and whole, and you are not going it alone. 


Mountain Valley Co's approach to coaching leverages the Co-active model and methodologies which hold the client and coach "in action, together."  We are a small practice that believes in “real talk.” We tell it like it is and we hold our clients to high standards.  We celebrate the smallest wins and we aren’t afraid to call bullsh*t when we think our clients are falling back on unconstructive habits. Our clients love us for our creativity, our humor, and our non-judgmental approach to self-discovery.



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