SUMMIT - 6 months

This engagement allows us to build a rich understanding of who you are being, the life you want to create and who you will become in the process. This extended coaching engagement is designed to engage the WHOLE person: your diverse identities and their competing "agendas" or  ambitions, your environment, your physical body, your innate creativity, etc. You will acknowledge interdependencies and learn to hold focus on what is most resonant and meaningful for you - not your partner, not your boss, etc. This duration requires both intimacy and bravery because you will be challenged at various levels, so I will stay right beside you, honoring your efforts and inspiring you as you create the fulfilling and sustainable life you deserve.


1 Basecamp session to build a strong foundation for coaching

12 personal coaching sessions, typically 2 per month

Additional coaching support between sessions, when requested


PARTNERSHIP - a steadfast thought-partner who recognizes you as creative, resourceful and whole

CLARITY - a refined articulation of who you are as a person: your values, your gifts, your blindspots, your boundaries

BODY INTELLIGENCE - a study in how your body processes change and challenge, as well as new ways to process stress

COGNITIVE FRAMEWORKS - exercises to shift mindset, interpret emotions constructively, and unpack the stories we tell ourselves

CUSTOMIZED CHALLENGES - co-created actions or challenges for you to consciously adapt and see results

ACCOUNTABILITY - structured check-ins and support so you are accountable to someone outside yourself, if that helps you

INSPIRATION - curated content and relevant research that enriches our collaboration, artistically and intellectually 

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