Ascent - 3 months

This engagement allows us to build a clear understanding of who you are and the life you want to create. We will explore your recurring stories and habits of thought. I will invite you to process information in new ways and experiment with new behaviors. You will learn to leverage the value of emotional data and cultivate a focus as you pursue your goals in new ways.


1 Basecamp session to build a strong foundation for coaching

6 personal coaching sessions, typically 2 per month

Additional coaching support between sessions, when requested


PARTNERSHIP - a steadfast thought-partner who recognizes you as creative, resourceful and whole

CLARITY - a refined articulation of who you are as a person: your values, your gifts, your blindspots, your boundaries

BODY INTELLIGENCE - a study in how your body processes change and challenge, as well as new ways to process stress

COGNITIVE FRAMEWORKS - exercises to shift mindset, interpret emotions constructively, and unpack the stories we tell ourselves

CUSTOMIZED CHALLENGES - co-created actions or challenges for you to consciously adapt and see results

ACCOUNTABILITY - structured check-ins and support so you are accountable to someone outside yourself, if that helps you

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